Create your bookings

  • It only takes a few clicks to create a booking. With the "Multiply" function, making 50 bookings is just as easy as making one. Select route, sailing time and unit type to create a booking.

  • When creating many bookings of the same type, you can duplicate the booking and all its content.

  • If you are booking a crossing on the British Channel, it's easy to book a reverse sailing by clicking the two arrows between the names of the ports.

  • For maximum workflow efficiency, select and send all created bookings at once.

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Add information about your bookings

  • Click the + symbol to expand the details section and start adding details.

  • You have multiple options to add additional information such as cargo dimensions, community code, VGM, UCR and other details.

  • You can specify the required temperature with instructions for the different control types, or declare if a unit contains hazardous cargo.

  • If you need help simply mouse-over or tap on the words which have a dotted underline to expand the tooltip.

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Manage your bookings

  • All submitted bookings are sent to the "Manage Bookings" section. You can always check your booking's status, e.g. is your unit still on the vessel or has it already been unloaded?

  • You can also print or e-mail a specific booking for faster collaboration.

  • If you often book similar units on a specific route, you can speed up the process by saving your booking as a template. Once saved, you will be able to select the template whenever you create a new booking.

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Find your bookings

  • Find your bookings quickly by searching for "Unit/trailer No." or "Release No."

  • By default, we show bookings with departure dates of today and tomorrow. You can always change to view bookings with another departure date or period by selecting "Sailing" and changing the intervals.

  • You can view "Active" bookings, "Pending" bookings or "Allocated" spaces on a sailing.

  • Arrange the overview of your bookings to optimise the information you see. The default bookings overview is sorted after departure date.

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Track your cargo

  • Follow the events of your cargo by opening the log in the booking overview in "Manage Bookings". Here you will find the latest status and time and date of events.

  • View all the details recorded about the cargo, e.g. when the vehicle is checked in and — where applicable — at what time a unit has entered a vessel.

  • The log is displayed for all booking statuses, from booked to archived.

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View images of your unit in the terminals

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Customize your bookings overview

  • It's simple and easy to create your preferred personalized bookings overview, by clicking the "Customize" icon under "Manage Bookings".

  • You can decide which labels and columns to display in your overview.

  • Drag the labels to change the order of the columns.

  • Click to add or remove a column.

  • Save your changes when done. You can always reset your changes to default.

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View schedules and delays in real time

  • Go to "Schedules" to get an overview of all DFDS' planned sailings within your chosen date range.

  • Pick a route or a specific port to view scheduled departure and arrival times.

  • Remarks will keep you updated with information on any changes and delays, so you can stay notified at all times.

  • Note that all times are presented in local time.

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